• Przegląd Lotniczy

First photo which I took personally is coming from 2002. It was air-to-air session of the aircraft TL-96 Star. I did not have much knowledge about it, however I was trying my best to fulfill the order "go, fly, do it". From today's point of view, I would call it as "complete massacre". Nevertheless they were an important starting point to considering of what I could have done better.

The possibilities coming from cooperation with "Aviation Revue" (PL: Przegląd Lotniczy), learning on own mistakes, equipment’s "arms race", experience coming from photographic postproduction and at last the need of raising the crossbeam, made me create during the years of my own style and standard. The standard which enables me to bring great shots and conduct the air-to-air session in a scheduled, ordered and safe manner. An important influence on that definitely has an experience at the controls of an airplane (Private Pilot Licence) and working at the air traffic services (Flight Information Service in the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency).

During last 10 years of watching airplanes form this unusual perspective, I took part in about 100 air-to-air photo sessions. Nevertheless there are still many dreamt aircraft, which I would like to photograph.


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